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Zoological Rescue and Education Coalition

Zoological Rescue and Education Coalition was founded in November of 2021. This organization was created in order to promote education and co-existence when it comes to wildlife, improve animal welfare and pet ownership, as well as provide refuge for animals.

ZooREC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit based in the state of North Carolina with a tax ID of: 87-2905366.

Excellence and Professionalism

At the Zoological Rescue and Education Coalition, we take a personalized approach to our rescue and rehabilitation services. We understand that each animal is unique and requires individual attention and care. Our team of professionals work closely with each animal to develop a customized rehabilitation plan that ensures their safe and successful return to the wild or adoption.

What animals are taken in by ZooREC?

Zoological Rescue and Education Coalition specializes in advanced wildlife and exotic species, unique animal rescue cases, and will occasionally house common domestic animal cases in need of rescue. Our organization assists law enforcement and will help shelters in need of placement for exotic animals. Surrenders through the public are accepted on a case by case basis. We do also act as an in-between facility, so if an animal needs immediate temporary housing and care until they can make it to their long term rescue or rehabilitator we can provide this service for the animal. ZooREC will only accept animals that can be adequately housed with us. Sometimes intakes are limited due to space and resources. We hold our standards very high and provide only top quality care. 

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